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Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation Organizes Environmental Awareness and Women’s Wellness Sessions at PDEA’s English Medium Secondary School and Jr.College, Akurdi

Pune, Maharashtra - March 13, 2024
In a bid to foster environmental consciousness among the youth, the Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation recently conducted an informative environmental awareness session at PDEA’s English Medium Secondary School and Jr.College, Akurdi. The event, hosted and guided by Principal Mrs. Priti Dabade, garnered enthusiastic participation from students and educators alike, all eager to delve into discussions surrounding environmental conservation.


Our Story

Led by Founder Director Mrs. Garima Kavathekar, the session primarily focused on the detrimental effects of noise pollution, plastic pollution and women’s health. Mrs. Kavathekar shed light on the far-reaching impacts of noise pollution on both humans and wildlife, urging attendees to consider practical measures to mitigate its effects. Meanwhile, Kushal Khemani, another prominent speaker- two times TEDx Speaker and young enterpreneur, tackled the pressing issue of plastic pollution, demonstrating innovative methods to repurpose materials and curb plastic usage. Notably, Khemani’s demonstration on transforming t-shirts into reusable bags offered attendees tangible solutions for reducing plastic waste. Shri Rajendra Kulkarni - Event Manager at Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation gave information about NGO’s projects on environmental conservation.

Event Pictures

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