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Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation is a newly established NGO, founded on January 11th, 2023. The organization is focused on creating awareness about noise pollution in India and has developed a device by Mr. Gaurav Kavathekar named "Control Honk," which is currently undergoing the patent process.

The NGO is led by two directors: Mrs. Garima Kavathekar, a renowned social worker and creative professional, and Mrs. Deepali Kavathekar, a retired medical professional and social worker. The team members include Mr. Gaurav Kavathekar, an engineer and inventor of "Control Honk," Prathamesh Kavathekar, a student and social worker, Mrs. Pooja Shinde, a professional and a social worker, Mrs. Versha Shinde, homemaker, and social worker, and Mrs. Anju Namdeo, a teacher and social worker.

।। निसर्ग सृष्टि संरक्षण ।।


We Make Changes to The Society

Nisarg Srishti Welfare Foundation's mission is to work towards human welfare, women empowerment, environment, conservation, education, culture, and literature. The organization aims to create a positive impact on society by contributing to these areas.

For more information about the NGO, visit the website at or reach out to them via email at

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